2 tips for stress free family photos 

April 18, 2024

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Kids are pure chaos. Toddlers always poop when you’re walking out the door. Somebody falls in the dirt before we get to the first picture. There’s always a traffic jam when you’re already late (did anyone else just sing that line?). These things are inevitable, and if we want family pictures to be a fun experience then we have to recognize that these things WILL happen. So, how it is possible to have a stress-free experience? I’ve got 2 tips for you, keep reading…

Plan ahead.
Don’t wait until the day of your session to get organized. Plan your outfits (shoes included!) weeks before your session. Have a quick family fashion show a several days before to make sure everyone is comfortable in the clothes picked out. Keep the hangries away by having mess-free snacks on hand. We are all better humans when we aren’t hungry, the same is ESPECIALLY true for our kids. Even if they are happy and don’t seem to be hungry, BEAT the meltdown by passing out some snacks on the way to your session. Keep the snacks mess-free by offering things like nuts, cheese, veggie straws, carrots, dried fruit, or crackers. Plan to leave your house 10 minutes early so when you hit traffic or have a wardrobe malfunction, you will have the extra time.

Adjust your mindset.
Here’s the thing: if you have kids, you likely do not live a stress-free life. Your world is probably wild and unpredictable. Our kids are always going to act like kids, these are the facts. If we threaten our children into good behavior, they are going to HATE family photo day, and the pictures are going to be stiff and full of fake smiles. Instead, I encourage YOU to be the one to adjust, and to go into your session remembering that 3 year olds are WILD. We get to choose what kind of energy we bring to the experience. Instead of fighting it, EMBRACE IT.

I don’t know about you, but my kids can sense when I’m stressed or overwhelmed. I’ve seen my mood directly affect theirs on more than one occasion. When it comes to your family photos: do what you can to prepare, and then step back and leave room for your kids to be themselves. CHOOSE to enjoy your time together, and see how that impacts your child’s behavior.

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