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February 16, 2024

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So you’ve had your family photos taken by a professional… now what? Are you stuck on what to do next? You’re not alone!! It can be overwhelming to (1) find the time to do something with your photos (it will always go on the back burner), and (2) know WHAT to do with them! One way I serve my families is by including a print credit with every collection. This means my clients have access to the digitals they love most, but are ALSO guaranteed printed products and artwork from their session. Helping my clients easily preserve their images is my way of taking care of them! Today I’m sharing my top 3 favorite products I use to help my families create artwork from their images.

Bevel-matted and framed archival prints

That might feel like a lot of complicated words, so I can break it down for you…

A mat is a thin, flat piece of material in a frame, often white, that puts space between your photo and the frame. A mat is not required to have a gorgeous frame, but is often helpful in making an image POP. It also keeps the photograph from touching the glass (which can cause condensation and possibly ruin the photograph – air circulation is important!). 

A beveled edge is when the inside edge of the mat board is cut at a 45 degree angle. I love this extra detail because it can make a framed image look more polished.

Archival prints means that your photo is designed to last for a long, LONG time. These images are printed on high-quality paper that will outlive your drugstore prints.

You can frame a photo a million different ways and none of them are wrong. It all comes down to preference. I love a bevel-matted framed print because of the detail, the sophistication, and the way they make images POP!

Deckled prints

These prints are HAND-TORN to perfection. Deckled prints are unique because of their feathered edges. These photos are printed on acid-free cotton archival paper, making them museum quality and long lasting. I like to display them in a floating frame so you can clearly see those perfect deckled edges. 

Velvet albums

Albums are my favorite. I love the way they tell a story, and I love that ALL your photos can be included in the design. I believe that albums are the best product to compliment my approach to photography. As I’m photographing a family, I’m looking for the small details, the playful interactions, the wide shot and the close up one, different angles and perspectives. The gallery that results is a STORY and is best displayed in an album. I offer several leather, linen and velvet options in my storefront, all beautiful in their own ways… but I think the uniqueness of the velvet album is my favorite right now!!

If you’re craving (1) beautiful photos that FEEL like your family, (2) access to prints and artwork that display your favorite images, (3) without the additional in-person meetings that take up the time you don’t have… then send me an message, I’d LOVE to help!!!

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